*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

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  • Valjean: God on high
  • Valjean: Hear my prayer
  • Valjean: In my need, you have always been there
  • Valjean:
  • God:
  • Valjean:
  • Valjean: Except for that one time where you let me rot in prison for nineteen years and made sure every attempt to escape failed
  • Valjean:
  • Valjean: But we don't talk about that


I find it kinda fucked up that if a dog bites someone it gets put down but if a person kills someone they can get off on a technicality

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i am demisexual meaning i am only attracted to those born of gods or who are themselves a deity. move out of the way assholes, i’m gonna fuck zeus

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girl: so u wanna fuck with the lights on or off bae?

me: *thinks about the electricity bill*

me: in the dark ;)

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This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

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